Joining my husband in Ireland  


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27/05/2018 5:30 am  


I'm hoping someone can clear up some of the confusion I'm experiencing regarding my initial arrival at border control...

I know that as a spouse of an Irish Citizen, I have to declare my intent to stay, get a 90 day stamp and then present myself at a garda station for the rest of the process.  

Here's what confuses me - what do I do with my kid?  I cannot find information about that - does she declare her intent to stay and then present herself with me at the Garda Station? Is it just assumed she's a citizen based on her father's citizenship and just breeze into the country? Is she making a different declaration altogether?

Some background - my husband (born in the UK but has dual Irish/UK citizenship) and myself (Canadian) got married in 2005 in the UK, moved to Canada in 2007 where he had PR status.  Our daughter was born in Canada in 2010 but we did not register her as a foreign birth in either Ireland or the UK, although she is entitled to both, we decided  due to time constraints to do this after the move.  Now I'm worried that may have been a bad decision. 

My husband moved to Ireland in April of this year, and we will be joining him in mid-June.  

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29/05/2018 5:03 am  

Hi @timmy

It's probably too late to apply for an Irish passport for your kid in time for June, but I can tell you that none of my kids were registered as foreign birth citizens when we moved back. There were no issues. The one difference being that I passed through immigration with my Irish passport, you'll have a Canadian one I assume. 

Your child is an Irish citizen automatically since birth. Assuming your husband was. Here's the info on that

At a minimum your child should be able to enter on a tourist visa. If there are questions though, then an explanation of the situation should clear things up pretty easily. 

Check out my extremely useful Moving to Ireland FAQ Guide!

@userid mention someone if you'd like to get their attention.