Moving to Ireland: EU National Spousal Visa  


Carly Mattefs
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28/06/2018 10:38 am  


I'm a Non-EU American Citizen and my fiance (we are getting married in U.S. in August) is Spanish and working in Dublin. I want to move to Dublin to be with him and we are wondering what steps we need to take so that I can legally reside with him in Dublin and eventually work here. The main concern is to be able to reside there legally and be able to travel around Europe freely (as I have to for my current job in Spain- which is remote work). I know that once we get married in U.S. in August, we should right away apply for the EU Fam Stamp 4 using the EU1 Form.

My questions are these:

1) Do we need to register our U.S. marriage certificate in Ireland before applying for my visa? Could this be done in Spain instead and be valid here? 

2) Once I submit the EU1 Form and receive a letter stating that have received everything and will be reviewing all documentation, I am told I will be given a temporary card. Will this temporary card allow me to work in Ireland? Will I be able to come in and out of the country freely with this temp status? 

Thank you!

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Hi Carly,

My apologies for such a late reply.

Regarding #1 - I have never heard of anyone registering their marriage like this. You will be required to submit evidence of marriage (marriage cert etc), but I don't think there's any pre-registration that you need to go through. There is some very detailed stamp 4 posts on this forum that I suggest you read through. And of course, the INIS website has everything up to date that you need too.

Let us know how things go. wishing you the best.


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