Obtaining an Irish birth certificate for citizenship application, etc.  


Kevin Carpenter
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29/06/2018 9:36 pm  


I am a U.S. citizen applying for Irish citizenship based on my grandmother (born in Dublin in 1911).  I am following the instructions here:  https://www.dfa.ie/passports-citizenship/citizenship/born-abroad/registering-a-foreign-birth/

I am wondering about how to obtain my grandmother's birth certificate (long form, paper copy) via online or mail application. There are two services I have found, but am unsure which to use. Having lived in Canada for four years, and also having taken a trip to Russia, I am well aware that there are many such services, but not all are legitimate. 

I have found two so far, and it seems the first one (hse.ie) is the correct one: 


There is also this: 


Any advice on this or the process in general would be greatly appreciated. 


Caoimhín (Kevin)




Jean Bolger
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09/07/2018 3:30 am  

Hi Kevin
I think you're on the right track. You might try a call/email to the Irish Consulate in San Francisco just to be sure you're approaching it correctly. They are super helpful, although the office hours are limited>