NZ Citizen currently in Ireland on Working Holiday Visa - Just married Irish Citizen  


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07/08/2018 3:41 pm  



my now wife who is a kiwi is here in Ireland on a working holiday visa(expires end of November). She has a work contract up to when her visa expires and she has the option to make this perm as soon as she gets her visa sorted. 

I am an Irish Citizen from birth. We met in NZ 4 years ago and moved back to Ireland. We have lived together for 2.5 years. 

We married in Denmark last week. Have our apostille marriage cert. 

From what I've read, we just need to go to GNIB with passports, certs and proof of address? 

Will she be granted stay with work permit from this meeting or do we have to go through an application and potentially see her lose her job post contract expiration or is it that as simple as above? 

Feeling slightly anxious about it. Advice appreciated. thanks.