Permission to Remain in Ireland as the spouse of an Irish National  

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Taylor O'Connell
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09/02/2018 3:50 am  

First of all we are so glad we found this forum it's great and has eased our minds tremendously just reading through it already cannot thank you all enough! We have a few questions (so sorry if they seem like a million) that we wanted to ask anyone who has been through the experience and could maybe help us out?

I am American and my husband is Irish we are here at the moment and plan on moving there within the next coming months together! What our concerns and worries are if anyone could possibly tell us how strict they are when it comes to proof of finances and did they even ask for them I have heard sometimes they don't? I know we read the whole 40k rule but we are definitely a little bit under that because I have not been able to work as much this past year since my Mother was very ill and I was staying home to take care of her. So we're worried they may deny me just over that, and if we are staying with his family initially when we arrive what could we possibly show instead of a leasing agreement to provide proof of residence? What did they ask for exactly and after sending in your application after arriving do you they hold your passport or would we not even have to go through that process if I received the stamp? Also an Irish friend mentioned and a bit confused about the married for three years rule too. We were only married here back in August would that be alright? (So sorry again for the millions of questions) Any feedback and anyone telling us about their experience going through it themselves would be greatly appreciated everyone! Thank you so much! 

Taylor x  

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09/02/2018 5:01 am  

Hey Taylor! Welcome to the site. 

To answer some of your questions....

Finances - I'm not aware of anyone ever being refused on the basis of the 40K rule. They say the Irish citizen must "have earned a cumulative gross income over and above any State benefits of not less than €40k". I read that as 40k when you add up the income for those 3 years, do you? If so, they probably pay very little attention to it. 

Proof of residence - recent info on this from a Galway Garda.

What 3 year rule are you referring to? There is one for De Facto relationships (not married), but that won't apply to you. Section 15.3 here (PDF), says "For marriage or civil partnership no minimum duration of the marriage will be required".


Please feel free to ask more questions as they come up, and also, please be sure to update us as you go through the process. Details of your experience will be greatly appreciated by others 🙂



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