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special needs education in Ireland  


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February 3, 2020 4:07 am  

I would be grateful if anyone is able to help me, or signpost me to any help.

Our son is 10 and autistic. He is in a special needs school in England. We are considering moving to Ireland.

He will need a special needs school there. We are in the position of basically being able to live anywhere as our work is freelance type stuff which we could do anywhere (although I need to be able to fly to England about once a month for a few days). So we could basically choose any area to live in, the most important factor is meeting our son's needs. We do not want to live right in a city.

I have plenty of experience of negotiating the SN education system in England, but am not sure how it all works in Ireland. How easy or feasible would it be to pick a school, move to very near to it, and apply to get into it?

If we made the huge decision to move to Ireland, we would need to be sure that in the end we were not doing something that would potentially be disadvantageous for our son, who is our top priority.

Has anyone got any thoughts? Much appreciated.

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February 3, 2020 7:18 pm  

Hi Nikki

a while back I posted a blog with a bunch of useful links related to this topic. Have you seen it.  You can find it here


best of luck with your decision and with finding the best arrangement for your son. 


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