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Best Public Elementary Schools in Dublin  


Carlos Fontana
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September 20, 2020 3:01 pm  

Hey guys! We're planning to move to Dublin in a few months and I want to know how should I choose the neighbourhood & the elementary school for my 8-years-old son.
In the UK, a kid has priority for a seat if he's living in the school neighbourhood. Is it the same in Ireland? I'm not sure how to choose the school & the area to find an apartment.

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September 23, 2020 9:19 pm  

Hey Carlos @cfontana0

It's pretty similar in Ireland, but you might find it's a little more relaxed in terms of sticking to the rules.  If you're living in a particular area, your kids should be able to attend that local school. Registering an 8 year old is a whole lot easier than trying to get a kid into school for the first time age 4/5. There's a ridiculous waiting list system that most schools have, whereby kids are registered at birth, and by the time they're school age, they may no longer even be living in the area.

Try the links on this page for info

If you click through to individual schools, you'll see some have pretty good parent survey info, as well as some school inspection reports. The data might be a little old in some cases, but it's still useful. Meeting people locally is a good way to get looped in. Or there may even be Facebook groups you could try to connect with to get more info. 

Wishing you the best with a move.