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Stamp 0 with family? 50,000 EUR per child??  


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December 31, 2020 3:00 pm  

Hello!  We are a family of four  (two adults, two small kids) considering applying for stamp 0 to do a year in Ireland.  The information online says that you need to prove income of 50,000 EUR per person.  Can this be, for each child also?  So as a family of four would we need to show an income of 200,000 EUR per year??

Other countries with a similar "independent means" visa seem to have a different rule, like a certain amount you must have plus an smaller amount on top per additional family member.  For example, in Spain, it's a requirement of about 25,000 EUR plus an additional 6,500 EUR per additional family member.

So... is it actually 50,000 EUR per family member for Ireland?  I tried emailing Unit 2 about this but they basically just copied and pasted the same info from their website.  

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January 4, 2021 9:31 pm  

Hey Sean

It's unfortunate you can't get a proper answer from Unit 2. I've heard similar in the past, where they go to little to no effort to explain the details.


We've had this question here in the past. Let me see if I can find who asked it. Maybe they've already gone through it. 


It's pretty clear Stamp 0 was never really meant for long term use, and/or for families. It was most likely designed for retirees looking to spend a year in Ireland. Very little thought went into how else it might be used by others.