Immigration Moving to Ireland  


Callum Pirie
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05/03/2018 3:47 pm  

Hi there.

new member here and sorry if its in the wrong forum

I'm currently a New Zealander living in London on a tier 2 visa which i got in March 2017. I have a girlfriend who is Irish and we're thinking of moving over to Ireland ASAP but most likely August next year. I was hoping to get more information on this for myself.

I've lived in the UK since October 2015 and been in the relationship since late 2016 Living together for a year (2 years in December)

Where does this leave me? what documents do i need to show? i have proof of receipts with my girlfriend in October, November, December 2016 however there isn't a great deal of them. Is this okay? Anybody gone through the same process? Is there any legal help I could get or companies i could go through or speak to regarding my chances of approval or my options?

Any advice would be great

Kind regards