Marrying in Ireland vs marrying in the USA  


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06/11/2017 11:58 am  

Hello! Is this all right so? I'm not really sure what to put as a topic title. :/

But, basically, yeah. Hey, I'm Taylor.

I currently live in Ireland on a Working Holiday Authorization. It's my second time coming over on a WHA. I have an Irish boyfriend (now fiancé) of nearly five years. We've gone between the USA and Ireland for ages, and we're completely ready to be done with it. We're just starting the whole marriage/Stamp 4 process. Thanks to this site, I have a pretty good idea of how most of it works. (Thank you!)

Though, my only question now would be whether or not I can marry while on a WHA or if I'll need to exit Ireland and return on a regular 90 day stay. (Though, I've read that it can take longer than 90 days considering the interview is scheduled 3 months in advance in person, plus the added second interview. So, it sounds like the whole process takes a lot of back and forth between the two countries? It makes me wonder if marrying in the US, and getting a fiance visa would be the easier way to go in that case.)

Such a tough topic because everyone's situation is so different.

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06/11/2017 10:04 pm  

Hi Taylor,

I've been doing a lot of digging on the INIS site to find answers to this question. They really do bury the details 🙂

What I have found indicates that you can change your status if you get married. I say that with the assumption that you have a Stamp 1, is that correct?

The part that seems to apply to you from the linked page is the following "If you currently have immigration permission to be in the State (Stamp 1, 2 or 3) and a valid in date GNIB card you may apply to change that immigration permission." Read the rest here

Also, I recommend reading this info - the criteria which qualifies you for an immigration status change:

They also point out that if you apply for a status change, it does not affect the expiration date of your WHA. If that is coming up, then you may not have enough time, and would have to leave Ireland anyway.

I'll also say that you don't need to marry in the US. You can marry in Ireland, on a 90 day visa, and go about getting your Stamp 4 that way.

I'd love if you'd come back here, and update us after you have your status changed. Your experience will certainly be very useful to others.


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