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Liam Nolan
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21/04/2017 9:04 am  

Hi all, apologies if this topic has already been covered, but time moves so fast and things such as Brexit and technologies are changing how we make decisions.

I am probably going to sell my 5 bedroomed house in Norwich England and relocate to Wexford with my wife and dog. I own and run and as my business has already spread back to Ireland its probably just as easy to operate from Ireland as it is from the UK. I am originally from Dublin.

Below are "considerations" I am working through and if anyone has any advice based on actual experience, then I would be very pleased to listen.

Broadband - My business needs good Broadband connectivity. I know that there are plans to roll out fast Broadband across Ireland very soon but what is it like around Wexford? Is it different out in the more rural areas than in Wexford City?

Health - In the UK we have the NHS and that's generally ok. Is there a similar Irish arrangement or is it best to opt for private care? We are of retirement age and in good health.

Passports - Wife was born in Scotland and so has a British passport, could she face administrative problems? I have dual Nationality UK/Irish.

Driving - I have a UK registered car, have a UK driving licence, is it cheaper or more sensible to buy a car in Ireland and also get an Irish driving licence? I notice that the fuel seems cheaper in Ireland.

Buying a house - Are there any pitfalls to consider?

Wexford seems to be a good location choice as Rosslare Port is not far away and I will be using that a lot when travelling to and from the UK. Don't want to live right in the City but near enough to not feel too isolated, plus dog needs to run around.

Bank accounts - I have a HSBC business account, would that transfer? I can enquire at my bank here in Norwich I suppose but they may not tell me of any problems.

Taxation - Is it a complicated mess? Should I have my company registered in the UK or Ireland?

Cost of living Ireland Vs UK - good or bad?

I have got used to piped gas and electricity, good Broadband connection, all modern services, good public transport, am I in for a shock?

That's enough for now! Thanks, Liam

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23/04/2017 5:55 am  

Hi Liam,

I'll give you a few quick responses, and point you to resources as appropriate.

  • Broadband - check out the coverage map here
  • Healthcare - private is definitely a better option if you can do so. The public health system isn't quite at the level of that in the UK.
  • Passports - can your wife apply for an Irish one? Who knows how things are going to pan out post-Brexit. 
  • Driving license - if you move before Brexit, I'd recommend 'trading in' your license. It'll make life easier in the long run, and again, who knows how the rules will change in the coming years.
  • Cars - you'll find them more expensive in Ireland. Weigh up the cost of bringing it over (registration, testing etc) vs selling and re-buying.
  • Buying a house - pitfalls? Haha, you bet! Read more here 
  • Banking - might be easier to switch to an Irish account. I don't know of any HSBC locations in Ireland. If there are, then that might work out too. 

Overall, depending on your current setup, you might be in for a little bit of shock in rural Ireland. It's not going to have the same level of service (buses etc) as what you might be used to. However, I think the move won't be a huge culture shock or anything, especially if you've been making regular trips back over the years. 


I hope this helps 🙂 



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